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We ‘explore’ for new people

At Maxdoro we are ‘Driven to Explore’. We are constantly looking for new knowledge, new experiences, new skills and new people to help our clients and to develop and deploy our expertise in app development. Therefore we are constantly looking for new 'Explorers' that will fit in our enthusiastic, driven team.

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We explore for the best

The name Maxdoro describes our drive: Aiming for Gold to the Max. Maxdoro brings maximum value and achieves the highest achievable level for and together with our customers.

Watch our video and get a good impression of our drive to explore, the energy in our team, the cool apps we make and our fascinating customers. But especially: view the energy that arises from this drive to explore, which constantly pushes us forward to new knowledge and possibilities to grow.



We explore new opportunities

Working at Maxdoro also means being enriched with knowledge, experience and inspiration in the field of mobile app development. On the job, by experienced and enthusiastic colleagues, challenging projects, large customers and our own native apps. But also in the Maxdoro App Academy, where we share special knowledge with colleagues, customers and students.

You can pass on this enrichment to our products and our customers. This creates a win-win-win situation that you can also benefit from. At Maxdoro we call that 'quaternary employment conditions'. They are not visible, but tangible and multipliable. This energy provides an upward spiral that motivates and inspires you to enrich your knowledge even more, and to grow. Exactly that explains the growth and success of Maxdoro, as an organization and as an employer. This success, we all benefit from: us, you, and our customers.

We explore new technologies

Our App Academy is a knowledge academy in digital information technology. In this academy we share and multiply knowledge. Through sharing knowledge, by inspiring each other and sparring with each other your knowledge and the knowledge of the rest of the team grows. This knowledge synergy that arises transforms you into a professional in your field in no time.

Our App Academy consists of:

• Training
• On job coaching and training
• Inspiration sessions / hackathon
• TopTalent Program

At Maxdoro there is always room for ambitious and motivated professionals who brings value into the company and want to take part in the upward spiral of this company. These professionals are as hungry for knowledge as we are.

Do you feel attracted to what we do and how we do it? View the vacancies below or send an open application to our recruitment department via Or call 033 462 77 07.



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